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PhilaGorilla Movers, Llc Packing and Moving Tips

Best Advice

Purge any unwanted furniture or items as you pack.  Begin packing the least used areas of your home first and leave the essentials to until last.  Disconnect all electronic equipment and wiring prior to moving day.  Take a photo of how it is hooked up so you can easily reattach your cables when they get to your new place. Try to minimize the loose things into proper boxes.  the less loose things there are the less trips carrying them.  We are available to provide more tips and helpful advice before during and after your move. 

Rule of Thumb

On average every box will take you 30 minutes to properly pack.  One person can pack an average apartment in 15-20 hours and a house in 30-40 hours.  You don't need a pro to organize your move but you can pack like one.  Here are a few things that will help your packing go easier.  Use proper boxes for moving and tape them carefully on the top and bottom.  All those free liquor boxes are convenient, but they don't fit much and are not that sturdy.  Use good packing tape to seal each box and a magic marker to label each box.  Using cheap tape will result in boxes busting open and your contents falling out.  Always place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top.  Do not place heavy items with breakables and make sure to label boxes that are fragile.  Glass and plates should be individually wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed for safety not volume.  If this seems overwhelming it can be if you wait to the last minute.  Try our Elite Packing Service your belongings can be packed and wrapped securely in one day without the headaches. 

Amazing Customer Service 

PhilaGorilla Movers, LLC what to expect.  We will take the stress out of your moving experience by estimating the costs and timing of your move.  We can help you secure parking permits, freight elevators, and peace of mind by assuring we are as close to your front door on the day of your move as possible.  PhilaGorilla Movers will always be available to answer any questions about your move or preparing for it. 

Professional Teams

You can expect the same extraordinary customer experience from our crews as you had booking your move.  They are hand picked and valued for their strong work ethic and efficiency.  Our moving company will always take extra care with your time and possessions. The crews will consist of 3 experienced polite movers that are experts at handling your most delicate and treasured items.  They will also perform feats of strength for your larger furniture items making it all look easy.  Our performance will exceed expectations and convince you that you made the right choice hiring PhilaGorilla Movers. 

Simple Tips to Maintain an Efficient Moving Flow

Label your boxes with the names of your new place not the old one.  Your boxes will find their way to their right destination.  Decide where furniture will go ahead of time.  You can draw a map to help you visualize where you want things to go and this will make it easier to direct your crew where to place each item.  Posting signs above doors to rooms indicating their purpose will help keep movers on track to placing your items in their proper area.  Feeling overwhelmed?  PhilaGorilla moving crews are excellent at visualizing where furniture should be placed within a room to maximize its use.  If you like our our advice we will gladly suggest any and all options and walk you through the entire process.   We will make it not stressful and help you find a plan that works best for you.